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2007 Pitching in for Kids Summer Car Raffle: Official Rules

1. The purchase price of a single raffle ticket is $100. Checks or money orders should
be made payable to the Pitching In For Kids, Inc. (PIFK, Inc). Payments are not tax
deductible. VISA, MasterCard, and American Express payments are accepted at time
of purchase. If the bank dishonors an entrant’s check or credit card charge, the entry
ticket will be declared invalid unless full payment is received prior to the drawing.

2. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older. Winners need not be present at drawing
in order to win prize.

3. Grand Prize winner will receive a 2007 Red Ford Mustang V6 Premium valued at
$23,140.00. The car will be exhibited on Fridays during the months of June and
July 2007 at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Please visit our website at for updates on additional locations where the car will be exhibited.

4. The Grand Prize will be drawn at the PIFK, Inc. Golf Tournament on July 30, 2007.
However, PIFK, Inc. reserves the right to change the date of the drawing if 500 raffle
tickets are not sold. Chances of winning are determined by the number of tickets
sold and distributed. A minimum of 500 raffle ticket sales is required for the drawing
but total sales will not exceed 750 tickets. If the minimum of 500 tickets is achieved,
PIFK, Inc. will receive 50% of the profit raised by the sale of raffle tickets. Please
visit our website at for more information on the charity
partners that will be supported by these PIFK, Inc. fundraising efforts.

5. Value of the 2007 Red Ford Mustang V6 Premium is based on list price provided by
Herb Chambers Ford in Westborough, MA. There is no guarantee that the winner
for the Grand Prize will be able to sell the car for the list price.

6. The Grand Prize will be considered ordinary income for tax purposes as per the IRS
and Massachusetts Department of Revenue. The winner agrees that all sales, use,
and other taxes or fees are his or her full and complete responsibility. Further, the
winner agrees not to hold PIFK, Inc. liable for any resultant action derived from the
use, transport, or enjoyment of the prize.

7. Grand Prize winner agrees to be photographed at the time of receiving the
Grand Prize, and hereby grants PIFK, Inc. permission to use the photograph for
promotional purposes.

8. Per IRS ruling, the purchase of raffle tickets is not considered a gift and does not
qualify as a tax-deductible charitable contribution.

9. PIFK, Inc. reserves the right to reject any entry forms that are submitted with payment
that does not constitute “good funds.” Defective entry forms will be disqualified by
PIFK, Inc. and any individuals and/or entities that submit such entry forms will be
notified of the rejection as soon as practical under the circumstances.

10. It is the responsibility of the entrant to comply with any federal laws or regulations
as well as any specific to the state in which the entrant resides. In the event of a
dispute of the rules of this raffle, the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
will preside.

11. Depositing the ticket or any other material in connection with the raffle in the
federal mails is a violation of federal law and may lead to criminal penalties.

12. PIFK, Inc. assumes no responsibility for lost, late, misdirected or undelivered mail.
Raffle License no: A-184 Massachusetts Department of Revenue.